Get the Report: FICX Digital CX Consumer Opinion Survey

We all want to improve customer satisfaction while reducing support costs. But what is the best approach? 

We asked 550+ consumers for their views on how to deploy low-cost digital solutions that drive the best outcomes and CSAT. 

Get real insight to help you identify the best approaches for your customers:
  • How satisfied are consumers with the support available from the companies they rely on most?
  • Do consumers feel customer service is moving in the right direction?
  • How do they feel about call center agents, digital self-service apps, and automated chatbots? When do they welcome low-cost alternatives to live agent support?  
  • When and why do customers welcome time- and cost-saving tools like Visual IVR and Agent Collaboration with screen-sharing?

Define your CX strategy armed with real customer data and insights. Download the results of this massive consumer opinion survey now!

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